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Goya - Remember E-mail
Remember by Goya
Remember by Goya
Year Introduced : 1959
Fragrance Type : Perfume
Pictured Size : 2.1 ml
Dimensions : 4.2 cm h x 1.3 cm w
Bottle Design : Douglas Collins, a perfumer involved in toiletries since 1932, started his own business in Mayfair, London, but changed the name to Goya in 1937. Even though the Company was amalgamated with another, it was eventually sold to Reckitt & Sons in 1962. Collins bought Goya back in 1964 with his son Christopher, but died in 1972 at the age of 59. Their fragrances includes 'Gardenia' (1937), 'Aqua Manda' (1947) and 'Black Rose' (1955). The business was sold to ICI in 1975.

'Remember' is presented here in a delightful ringed bottle and topped with a matching light blue screw on cap, engraved with the Goya 'G'. 'HD', the glass makers mark for Henri Desjonqueres, is moulded onto the base. This miniature is from the 1960's.
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